Artfira Shipping is a boutique art shipment and handling company offering full spectrum of art shipping services.

We can pick up your artwork in a greater Tri-State New York area, pack it using archival, acid free packing material, crate and ship by air worldwide at very competitive rates.

Artfira Shipping offers convenient services for international air shipment of fine art, porcelain, sculpture, objects of virtu such as lamps, furniture, carpets, etc. We have agents that will custom clear and deliver your shipment directly at final destination in London, Edinburgh, Tel-Aviv, Paris, Geneva, Moscow, Kyiv and other major cities.

We will custom clear and hand deliver your US bound international shipment of fine art in Tri-State New York area.


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Artfira has over 20 years of experience working with fine art. We offer unique services for artists and galleries, shipping on VAT free importation basis to a number of European countries. For museum and gallery exhibitions we have experience in ATA Carnet shipment.

In the past Artfira shipped art to exhibitions at such major museums as Center Pompidou, Paris and Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

We ship to various countries in Western, Central and Eastern European countries, among them Switzerland, France, the UK, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and Poland. Our freight forwarder, Dnipro LLC is a fully licensed and TSA certified shipper.

We also offer short term (up to six months) art storage solutions on flexible terms.


Artfira Shipping offers full spectrum of services for:

Private individuals
Art Museums & Institutions
art transportation

The scope of our services includes but is not limited to:

Air Freight, Cargo, Freighter, Air Cargo Services, Freight Consolidation, Cargo Consolidation, Hub Logistics, Break Bulk, Freight Forwarding, Shipping, Cargo, Export Handling, Crating, Palletizing, Professional Packaging, Sea, Air, Road, Inland Freight Forwarding, Fine Art Logistics, Transport, Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Import And Export, Air Freight Logistics, Seafreight, Worldwide Logistics, International Logistics, LCL Consolidation, Airfreight Consolidation, Freight Services Worldwide, LCL Sailing Schedules, LCL Consolidation.

We provide Fast Shipping, Transport from and to airports and Customs Clearance, Cargo Service, Airport-to-Airport, Door-to-Airport, Airports, All Cargo, TSA Certified, IATA, Known Shipper, ATA Carnet services.

Artfira Shipping is proud to offer white glove services at competitive rates.

art transportation


A comment from our client:

In October of 2019 I had a painting shipped via FedEx from Paris to New York using economy service. Total volume weight of shipment was 22 kg. For this shipment FedEx billed me $912. What? $912! To ship a medium size framed painting!

Our response:

Contact Artfira Shipping and we may be able to provide a quote that is better than what major delivery services companies charge. Moreover, we know how to ship art internationally!


To get a quote please contact us at: